Standard documents

This is a list of all standard documents published by PLC. All standard documents have links to related drafting notes and are regularly updated by PLC editors.

For information on converting PLC standard documents into your firm's style, see PLC Firmstyle (

Evidence: Litigation
Hearsay evidence: notice (with drafting notes)
Letters of request: practical pointers for in-house counsel
Letter to client explaining statements of truth
Document Retention Policy
N266: Notice to admit facts/admission of facts
N285: General form of affidavit
Letter to witness about preparing to give evidence and cross-examination
EX550: Affidavit of service (order to attend for questioning and suspended committal order)
N268: Notice to prove documents at trial
N20: Witness summons
no. 32: Order for examination within jurisdiction of witness before trial or hearing (rule 34.8)
Letter to witness about preparing their witness statement
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