Standard documents

This is a list of all standard documents published by PLC. All standard documents have links to related drafting notes and are regularly updated by PLC editors.

For information on converting PLC standard documents into your firm's style, see PLC Firmstyle (

Search engine optimisation services agreement
Privacy policy
Social media policy (UK) (short form)
Website acceptable use policy
Data security breach notification: letter notifying a personal data breach to affected data subjects (PECR)
IT and communications systems policy (long form)
Social Media Training (US Public Company): Presentation Materials
Web-wrap software licence
Social media policy (UK) (long form)
Click-wrap software licence
IT and communication systems policy (short form)
Website hosting agreement (pro-supplier) (UK)
Website design and development agreement (pro-supplier) (UK)
Social Media Training (Privately Held Company): Presentation Materials
Website hosting agreement (pro-customer) (UK)
DMCA Complaint (Takedown Notice)
Licence of digital content
Domain Name Transfer Agreement
Social Media Guidelines (Public Company Long Form)
Website Hosting Agreement (Pro-customer)
Mobile App End User License Agreement (EULA)
Website content licence (pro-licensor)
Social Media Guidelines (Public Company Short Form)
Mobile Application Short-form Privacy Disclosure
Domain Names: UDRP Complaint
Notice and take-down letter (copyright)
Letter of claim (domain name)
Company guidelines for use of social media
Website content licence (pro-customer) (UK)
Domain name transfer agreement (business sale): pro-seller
Terms of website use (UK)
Website content licence (pro-licensor) (UK)
Website Content License Agreement (Pro-licensor)
E-mail information and notices
Website Copyright/DMCA Policy
Website linking permission (short-form) (UK)
Website Privacy Policy
Website Terms of Use
Website design and development agreement (pro-customer) (UK)
IT Resources and Communications Systems Policy
Website terms and conditions of supply of goods
Company Social Media Use Guidelines
Social Media Policy (US)
WiFi roaming agreement
Website Development Agreement (Pro-customer)
Bulletin board rules
Terms and conditions for WiFi access
Domain name transfer agreement
Website linking licence (UK)
Short-form privacy notice
Affiliate website marketing agreement
Notice and take-down letter (defamation)
Domain name transfer agreement (business sale): pro-buyer
Mobile Application Privacy Policy
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