Standard documents

This is a list of all standard documents published by PLC. All standard documents have links to related drafting notes and are regularly updated by PLC editors.

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Pension Scheme Documents
Arrangements for nominating and selecting member-nominated trustees
Deed of retirement of trustee
Deed of amendment: Finance Act 2011
Section 251 trustee resolution to preserve power to pay surplus to employer passed from 3 January 2012 to 5 April 2016
Trustee confidentiality agreement
Deed of amendment: fixed protection 2014 and individual protection 2014
Deed of amendment: flexible apportionment arrangements
Deed of substitution of new principal employer
Deed of amendment
Internal dispute resolution procedure (two stages)
IDRP (two stages): second-stage decision letter
Pension scheme trustee resolution
Deed of appointment of new trustee
Deed of retirement (or removal) and appointment of new trustee
Section 251 trustee resolution to preserve power to pay surplus to employer - amending a resolution passed before 6 April 2011
Deed of amendment: abolition of salary-related contracting-out
IDRP (two stages): first-stage decision letter
Deed of amendment: scheme apportionment arrangement
Deed of termination
Invitation to nominate candidates to become member-nominated trustees
Deed of participation of new employer
Pension trustee minutes
Trustee confidentiality letter
Deed of accession
Pension scheme trust deed and rules
IDRP (two stages): appeal form (second stage)
IDRP (two stages): application form (first stage)
Deed of removal of trustee
Member-nominated trustee nomination form
Trustee resolution adopting member-nominated trustee arrangements
Ballot for the selection of member-nominated trustees
Deed of amendment: automatic enrolment
Deed of amendment: fixed protection 2016 and individual protection 2016
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