Standard documents

This is a list of all standard documents published by PLC. All standard documents have links to related drafting notes and are regularly updated by PLC editors.

For information on converting PLC standard documents into your firm's style, see PLC Firmstyle (

Trademarks/Trade Marks
Trademark Use and Protection Training: Presentation Materials
Domain Name Transfer Agreement
Trademark Litigation: Interrogatories (Plaintiff to Defendant)
Intellectual Property Security Agreement (Short-form)
Trade marks co-existence agreement
TTAB: Document Requests (Opposer/Petitioner)
Trademark Letter of Protest (Likelihood of Confusion)
Trademark Use and Protection Guidelines (Internal Distribution)
Domain Names: UDRP Complaint
Trademark Settlement Agreement and Release (Pro-trademark owner)
TTAB: Document Requests (Applicant/Respondent)
Sponsorship Agreement: Single Event (Pro-sponsor)
TTAB: Notice of Opposition (Likelihood of Confusion and Dilution)
Trademark Litigation: Interrogatories (Defendant to Plaintiff)
Trademark Litigation: Rule 30(b)(6) Deposition Notice (Defendant to Plaintiff)
Trademark Litigation: Answer
Trademark Assignment Agreement (Long-form)
Particulars of claim: trade mark infringement and passing off
Trademark Litigation: Document Requests (Defendant to Plaintiff)
Letter of claim (domain name)
Trademark Assignment Agreement (Short-form)
Trademark Litigation: Complaint (Federal)
Trademark License Agreement (Pro-licensor)
Trademark Coexistence Agreement
Assignment of intellectual property rights (pro-assignee)
Trade mark licence: asset purchases
Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy (Prohibitive)
Employee Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Agreement
Intra-group assignment of intellectual property rights
Trade mark licence (short form)
Trademark Clearance Opinion (Outside Counsel)
Trade mark licence agreement
Trademark Consent Agreement
Assignment of intellectual property rights (pro-assignor)
Trademark Search and Registration Questionnaire
Letter of claim (trade mark infringement)
Trademark Permission-to-Use Letter
Trade mark policy
Assignment of trade marks (pro-assignee)
Luxury goods licence
Trademark Litigation: Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction
Release of Trademark Security Interest (Short-form)
TTAB: Petition for Cancellation (Likelihood of Confusion and Dilution)
Character merchandising licence
Letter of consent to use registered trade mark
Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Letter
Trademark Security Agreement (Short-form)
Assignment of trade marks (pro-assignor)
Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement (Short-form)
Trademark Litigation: Document Requests (Plaintiff to Defendant)
TTAB: Interrogatories (Applicant/Respondent)
US Trademark Registration: Client Reporting Letter
Trademark Litigation: Rule 30(b)(6) Deposition Notice (Plaintiff to Defendant)
Release of Intellectual Property Security Interest (Short-form)
TTAB: Interrogatories (Opposer/Petitioner)
Trademark Litigation: Initial Disclosures
TTAB: Initial Disclosures
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