Practice notes: Pensions

The practice notes that are currently available on Practical Law Pensions are listed below under the relevant topic. The notes can also be viewed by clicking on the relevant subject in the Topic box on the Practical Law Pensions homepage and then selecting the "Practice notes" tab.


Administering pension schemes


Auto-enrolment and NEST


Challenging the Pensions Regulator


Common issues in disputes




Court proceedings




DC pension schemes




Early leavers


Employer debt




Funding and investment


General pensions


Internal dispute resolution procedures


Members and benefits


Ombudsmen and tribunals


Pension Protection Fund


Pension sharing


Pensions and employment


Pensions Regulator


Policy and reform


Public-sector pensions


Sales and acquisitions


Scheme documents


Scheme restructurings and mergers


Tax and accounting




Winding-up and insolvency

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